A big data vision for food manufacturing

Updated: Feb 11

Data has the potential to change the way we think about food manufacturing and new product development. Clean, well organized, food data unlocks new growth opportunities for manufacturers whose customers are looking for transparent product data. There's a myriad of strategic initiative and process improvements that food data unlocks as well, add machine learning and you now have the ability to personalize food products for niche segments and nutritional targets.

The great news for food manufacturers is there’s a lot of food data available. The bad news is that the vast majority of it isn’t machine readable or standardized. That’s where we come in.

Hi, we're Augmented Insights (AI) 👋

We’ve been behind some of the most successful food and beverage launches of the last two decades. Our award winning data science team and leadership have tackled numerous real world problems in the big data analytics space. We’re a bizarre mix of chefs, food scientists and data scientists that, above all else, love bringing products from concept to commercialization. 

When it comes to food data, context is king.

Customers decision are highly contextual, why shouldn’t brands be providing data to them to help them with their decisions?  Why not start developing new products and portfolio strategies based on that contextualized data? The reasons why brands struggle with data is because questions like these are hard and complex. Coincidentally, answering these types of questions happen to be the types of challenges we love.

We’ve spent the last year building organizing and applying machine learning to millions of food data points. Our software platform, Kiwi Metrics, is powered by that data and we designed it to shorten development cycles, power portfolio personalization and drive customer transparency and increased in-store and online sales growth.  

Our culinary knowledge graph powers our Kiwi Metrics platform. We designed Kiwi to maximize the value of the 1+ Million data points and relationships we’ve generated using graph analytics and machine learning. 

Kiwi Metrics knowledge graph contains :

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers & Brands i.e. Nestle, Unilever, Conagra

  • Branded Food labels i.e. ingredients, nutrients, upc code

  • 50 distinct food, beverage, vitamin and supplement categories

  • Ingredients, flavors, compounds

  • Diet labels

Food data is powerful when organized the right way. The way you store food data ie. your database, plays a significant role in the value you can extract. Leveraging our years experience building brands and machine learning solutions knew with the right database, the power of big food data could become realized. Kiwi Metrics augments the new product development process with digital tools and market data. Our data isn’t just useful for new product development decisions, in fact, it underpins a multitude of digital transformation initiatives in food manufacturing.

Take a look at the video below to see it in action! Have questions? We’d love to talk, book a demo or discovery call in the services page!

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